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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The questions of life

If you are like me you question things.  When I do I find that it inspires me to think things over, to get more information, and to ask others for their opinion.  And a lot of my inquiring pertains to observing others and wondering about their welfare.  Are you happy?  Do you believe in God?  If not, how are you better off?  These are questions that are so fundamental that they are to some extent taboo.  That's where a blog is handy, to explore in a neutral communication medium, maybe for me to explore angles that I wouldn't in conversation because it could be a turn off for me or the other party.

If you are reading this because it is part of your journey, consider the following questions that Christianity addresses:  What is the meaning of my life?  Why am I here?  How should I treat other people?  Why do some people respond negatively in unpredictable situations?  How much do I know, and how much can I learn?  What I have learned is that I cannot assume I know the answers to these questions.  This is my journey to humility.  I cannot express to you the comfort of being humble - it is great.  What I believe is that Jesus is my strength, my knowledge, and my life.  His love for me props me up.  Yet he was humble and showed greater concern for mankind than for his own human life.  He died and was raised from the dead, to the witness of his disciples and family.  The miracle of this is indeed the answer we all seem to seek.  It is the ultimate.  And the way to live is clearly spelled out in verses of the books of the Bible.  Following the Word doesn't create an army of automatons and zombies.  Truly the world that God created can always amaze me, excite me and challenge me.  Read the word and find out for yourself what God asks of us.  "Will you love me, and your fellow man?"  How will you answer God?

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