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Friday, May 11, 2012

Where is God?

Do you have the kind of relationship with God that you should?  I would answer this question no.  Still it is growing.  I want to talk to God, and more experience His presence and hear His voice.  Maybe I have a hard heart, I am too busy, or do things too often that harm this relationship (sin).  For a relationship to grow I must be an active participant.  God is remote only when we do not seek Him and read His word in scripture.

Why did God set up a world where His presence can be sensed in every living and inanimate thing, every day, at any time.  But in this world He cannot be seen, directly heard, or physically touched?  We can't answer this question since we don't have insight into God's reasons for doing things.  A good assumption would be that this was not an act of capriciousness, and that there was  a very important reason that benefits each of his children in this world.  Maybe the disobedience of Adam and Eve does play a part in this separation.

For me the experience of God's presence comes directly from my interactions with people.  Some of the most simple of interactions can be so significant.  A smile, a friendly gesture or greeting.  These convey love and concern from others.  Although we are born with sin and cannot fail to fall into its diabolical realms, God sent his son, Jesus, to redeem us.  I like to read about Jesus and all of his contrasts and paradoxes.  Mild and bold at the same time.  Casual and stern at times as well.  He was man and was also God.  As a Christian I strive to place Christ in the center of my religious focus.

In my daily life hundreds of people seemingly cross my path each day.  The interactions may be brief or more prolonged.  I pray now that I can more cherish the times that I spend with my coworkers, friends, and family as well as clients and be more observant of the presence of God in these interactions.  I believe that as my faith in God grows, so will my ability to act in concert with the will of God and help represent His presence to others.  I also pray that I may spend more constructively the time I have alone to study the Word of God and learn of His works among the prophets of ancient times, the disciples of Christ, and Godly depictions from more recent Christian authors.  Maybe God chooses to show himself mainly through the face of man, who was made in His own image, so that man would revere his brethren greatly and in showing love, respect, and concern for each other, man would honor God and more closely experience His presence.

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