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Monday, April 4, 2011

Seeing in a new light

The Sunday scripture readings are some of the most beautiful
passages in the bible, with the common theme of light. The
"man who was once blind" was never mentioned by name in the
verses from John's gospel. Through a miracle the man was
given sight. He was able to see for the first time in his
life. The gift of vision literally brought everything to

I think that this scripture is rich in symbolism. We all
"see" in various ways. When we see our coworkers, do we see
God's children, our brothers and sisters, or do we see and
feel in some cases the friction we have past experienced,
the downfalls that annoy us? What about nonbelievers or
those of other faith traditions foreign to our own? Also do
we question whether the message of God's love and salvation
has been brought to our earthly family and how we can be
instrumental in this act of love?

I can influence my own vision with the help of God, see his
children in a fraction of the loving accepting way that God
sees them, and actually benefit from this blessing in my
life. Increases in peace and harmony are our earthly gift
for this exercise.

The man who was once blind is unnamed, in my opinion,
because he represents us all to some extent. I plan to
meditate on this theme and see if there is some application
to my own life.

The photograph above was taken at St. James Church, about
1/2 mile from my house. This is where I went to church as a
child. The dome is beautiful rendition of the eye of God,
looking down and viewing his faithful not only with clarity,
but with light and love.

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