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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ordinary time

"Hi, I'm Dave, welcome to my web site. I remember the first time I seriously
contemplated the possibility of God's existence. I was 13 when my parents became "born again" Christians. The change in their relationship and life style was dramatic. They began to love each other and showed a love for me that was not there before. I either had to give them credit for changing themselves or accept the possibility that God existed and that he cared enough about my parents to help them. If he cared about them, maybe he cared about me and everyone else, as well.

This was the beginning of my spiritual journey."

From Dave Matheson's website,

The first of the readings from today's mass is from Wisdom. It brings to mind questions of the nature and existence of God. It also illustrates the power, justice, and dominion of God. I then found interesting links to the above painting from Michaelangelo, of God. I often picture Him in this way but my relationship with God must be in an early stage of development.

I am often fascinated though, by arguments to prove the existence of God. I applaud them while at the same time find this unnecessary, sort of a non-sequitor. If one has the consciousness to discuss God at all, that is all that is necessary for the basis for one's faith.

The second element that I see essential to faith is the Christian community. That is illustrated by Dave's first paragraph of his biographical reference. His parents became born again Christians. He witnessed the change in their lives and that influenced him. From that time onward Dave has been on his Christian journey. God bless Dave for bringing his faith for all to view on the internet. The many "Daves" that I have encountered throughout life are my proof that God exists, he loves us, sent his son to redeem our sins, and reigns forever!

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