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Saturday, July 16, 2011

On Sunday 7/10/2011, the gospel from Matthew 13:1-23 is a long reading. However, it is simple, easy to follow. I fall under the category of one "who hears but does not understand" often, by which I mean that complex messages nuanced by high level philosophical arguments leave me unsure and confused. This gospel is straightforward and describes various responses to Christ's word, which depends on the state of mind of the listener. Even when still alive, Jesus had many followers who listened to his message. Some of the seed fell upon fertile soil, which multipled a "hundred or sixty or thirtyfold." At one time I would say I strove to be intellectual and associate with intellectual type people. They are to be commended for their higher academic achievements. But if the truth requires a course of study of many semesters and analysis and microscopic examination, I would find the applicability to be very limited. I don't think God seems to present his Kingdom to such a restricted field. His message in the Gospel is full of love for all of us. His requirements, to listen and follow his word, are not conditional upon our independent scholarly research to the meaning of the original Greek texts. I have been taught that scripture is divinely inspired. I trust the translators who came before me. There are many people in my world who have inspired me not so much by their correct avoidance of the great fallacies of logic, but their simple Christian example of love, kindness, and service to their fellow men. By the way, I am thinking of taking a course in philosophy just in case I want to pursue some of these more abstract lines of reason and analyses of scripture. But I won't be basing the core of my faith on this alone.

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