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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taking it up a notch

Taking it up a notch.

I often think we are looking, we're searching. By reading God's word, we come closer to finding it. The readings from Sunday included the one from 1 Kings 3 (note that Solomon referred to himself as servant):

"Give your servant, therefore, an understanding heart
to judge your people and to distinguish right from wrong."

I think we all may have this prayer at some time. God gladly answered King Solomon's prayer. He could have asked for anything, because God had promised to answer the request before he knew what it would be. I am not called to judge anyone, in fact the converse is true. But I do pray for the understanding heart and the discrimination from right and wrong. And I fully believe this will be granted. Part of this includes the knowledge of appropriate action to take with my Christian brothers and sisters in regard to faith.

For most of my years I have experienced church as a very lukewarm ceremony. My actions are predetermined and do not deviate from liturgical outline. I sing, I stand, I sit, I kneel. Actually this is the right thing for this situation.

When there are situations where a more intense spiritual experience is possible, I will calmly discern their presence. Possibly an impromptu sermon by a person of God. Seeing good works in action. Kindness that will not be returned or rewarded. A need that I can fulfill. A family member who is hurting that can be comforted. These are not planned things. They are not actions that I am seeking in advance. They will present themselves and when they do I pray that I demonstrate an understanding heart and the knowledge of right and wrong.

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