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Friday, August 19, 2011



I admit I am much more comfortable when I have conformed to the expectations of my employer, family, and friends. It's what we all do, unthinkingly. But what about when it is necessary to instigate a change? What do we do then and how do we know what the best thing to do is?

Since starting an audio blog this conflict has come up a few times. I'm not a theologian. I don't have any experience as a broadcaster and no audio production experience. Also I am not able to do much quality control, such as editing, because it is a live broadcast and I don't have any staff working with me on this.

There are several ways to ensure that what I'm doing is appropriate and constructive. One is to strive to include material that is relevant, timely, and thought provoking. I don't have to be didactic. Actual religious education is best served in an academic environment or church, taught by people in authority. Also always holding high respect for others is a universal value that can be upheld even in a unique venue like a webcast. Basing my discussions on objective writings, such as book reviews, bible readings, periodicals is a safe bet too.

I think an audio blog can be a great way to share information on the internet. I am not actually a pioneer in this respect, but it goes outside my usual comfort level since I am a private person. I feel that keeping my audio blog anonymous is appropriate at this time. Feel free to listen in on the live webcast on Thursdays at 7:00 (EST). Also I will provide a recording of the webcast on the site as well. May Jesus and the Holy Spirit guide me and entrust me with the discernment to provide a little inspiration to a weary care worn world. May my comfort level not guide all of my daily activities or prevent me from seeking the Lord in new ways that provide spiritual growth for me and possibly for others. Amen.

Thursday Catholic Hour Webcast

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