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Monday, October 17, 2011

Blessed Monday!

Thank you Jesus for my day. I am alive. I went to work. I prayed to be a servant to your will. You listened. You responded. You blessed me with patience, wisdom, fortitude (really that too... did not need to think about a nap). I am blessed to have a job, to help people in my work, to have the love to work and to do your will.

I recognize that really, in my life I have not been tested. I feel that I have been richly blessed. If you see in your will to test me I will pray that I am ready and that I will maintain and strengthen my resolve to serve you. I pray to have the greatest balance in my life, the enjoyment of my family and time alone. The world is blessed with your goodness which truly does overflow. Praise the Lord oh my soul. Amen.

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