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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Catholic small groups

I enjoyed the small group session I had tonight. There were about 9 of us at the home of the generous hostess, along with a facilitator and a guide book. The amount of scripture reading was very minimal. It consists of a short bio on a significant Catholic (such as St. Damion, of Hawaii) whose life reflected some aspect of the topic of the week.

The trend toward home church experiences has been noticeable in my local church and I think it has at least 3 advantages. For one thing, the meetings are often mid week and give me a chance to worship other than just once a week. I find that I need to develop my faith and do this through fellowship, prayer and scripture reading. Another advantage is sharing information and getting other people's reactions to my ideas that are spiritual. Religion is a somewhat taboo subject even in this age, but since the program is voluntary and we're all there for the same reason, I can discuss spiritual matters freely. Finally, I can develop friendships and community involvement above the usual post-mass farewells. I have determined that I need to forge into the community aspect of Christianity and give up the individualist pursuits that I more readily gravitate toward.

Jesus I pray that you guide me to better community involvement in your Church tonight, as well as every day of the week. Through my greater efforts I ask that you bless me and others I may meet to see your love and to have stronger faith in you and spread your love and healing. In Your name amen.

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