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Saturday, May 28, 2011


When I tried to find an image for this blog entry, I came up with innumerable pictures of the sky and clouds, with rays of light beaming down. Now how can I float in the sky? how will I breathe? Where will I sleep, take walks, and have meetings with friends and with God himself?

John's gospel quotes Jesus describing heaven as "my Father's house [where there] are many rooms." In the beginning God created heaven and the earth. Therefore, heaven is similar and analagous to our home on earth, most likely a place that will have familiar aspects, and be very appealing. The most significant thing about Christ's description, is that he was responding to his desciples, who wanted to follow him to heaven. They wanted to be with Jesus; they had the ultimate friendship with him. He had taught them, led them, respected and tested them. He assigned to them the job of carrying on after he was gone.

When I think about staying in someone's house, my liking of this thought depends on my relationship with this person and not just the comfort and beauty of the house. If they are a close friend, I will have the utmost enjoyment in this place. If it is a relative or friend with whom I do not have a close relationship then my visit could be awkward. Also I could be unknowingly an annoyance to them.

I believe in the existence of heaven not so much because I am seeking an eternal reward for my holiness, piety and faith. I believe in it because Jesus has promised it. I hope that my relationship with Jesus will develop so that I have the conviction and desire to reach his Father's house. Some day this will be foremost in my mind.

Dear Father in heaven, your dwelling place has many rooms. Jesus went to prepare a place for his desciples. I pray that I might find favor with your Son and that I will know Him, through the Gospel, the Sacraments, and through His many faithful servants whom I meet throughout my sphere of daily life. Amen.

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