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Friday, May 13, 2011


Hope. I would like to define and expound upon this word. Hope is something that I feel I excel at. I would define it as, first, a gift of the Holy Spirit, a wish and a belief that something will be better in the future. In so believing, one experiences a peaceful feeling. In my case I think that the hope is part of a tendency I have to counter reality with something better that is, for now, imaginary but not without some possibility.

I think the Holy Spirit does bestow the gift of hope to anyone who seeks it. They may also see this gift for what it is and where it comes from, if they open their eyes. I don't think that it is enough to experience hope. Most people would agree that hope can and should be coupled with a yearning to take action in some respect. Try to spread the hope. Try to provide the dream to those who cannot achieve the beauty or bounty for themselves. Share. Pray. Listen. And most of all, love.

Dear Holy Spirit, you provide to your children on earth many great gifts, for which there is no charge. The value cannot be calculated, and it cannot be bought or sold. Grant that my hope may give me vision for many possibilities of a better future, one that will be more pleasing to you and that will foster the good in the world to replace the occasional dark, painful or hurtful experiences that we must face. Give me the tools to spread this gift to the people that I encounter in this world, and especially my close family members, coworkers and friends. Amen.

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